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Maryanne Poore is a fictional character appearing in Nathaniel J. Nelson's 2017 horror novel Quantum Flight 888. Originally part of another character's backstory, Maryanne returns as a supernatural entity to act as a primary antagonist.


Maryanne was born in the fictional Bowditch, Maine, daughter of Henry and Annette Poore. She attended Lydia Dunn High School, where she was in Neil Munster's sophomore English class. When her guidance counselor told her she would have to repeat sophomore year if she failed English, Maryanne seduced Neil, who had no moral qualms about sleeping with a fifteen-year-old. They had sex several times before she asked him to raise her grades, which he refused to do. Realizing she wouldn't be able to manipulate him, Maryanne took a different route and ratted him to the police. Neil was sentenced to fifteen years in prison, and Maryanne soon after realized she was pregnant with his child. She gave birth to Caleb Munster around 2001, and killed herself two years later.

Caleb was raised by his grandparents following their divorce. He developed incredible psychic powers, which dampened his intelligence, and at fifteen he was captured by an unknown government entity, who held him prisoner to test him. After accidentally killing Martin Handle, Caleb was approached by the ghost of his mother, who demanded he use his powers to avenge her.

Six months later, the government planned on moving Caleb to Los Angeles. They elected to fly him commercially, which would help avoid any emotional breakdowns and further death. Maryanne spoke to Caleb again, ordering him to psychically reach out to Neil, recently out of prison, and draw him to Quantum Airlines Flight 888: the plane Caleb was meant to take. Neil boarded the plane believing it was his idea, and his connection to Caleb made him lose his sanity over the course of the flight, unrelated to Caleb's accidental killing of several passengers.

At the height of Caleb's mental breakdown, Maryanne appeared visibly to Caleb, Neil, and Jessi Gibson, and encouraged Caleb to kill his father. He did so, whether intentionally or accidentally, before his powers forced the other passengers into their fantasy worlds. Caleb himself saw a vision of the afterlife, in which Neil spoke to him sanely before leaving with Maryanne. Caleb almost warned Neil that Maryanne wanted to take her revenge, but realized that Neil intended to make up for his mistakes.