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I Am Halloween is a short story by Nathaniel J. Nelson, released online in 2017. It has been recorded by a number of YouTube narrators, including CreepsMcPasta and The Dark Somnium. I Am Halloween is available to read on Nelson's website.


An unnamed, supernatural narrator recalls a time long ago when he and his paranormal companions would enjoy a hedonistic, druglike experience every October 23 (a day of latent paranormal energy), which the narrator refers to as "My Day." This tradition began to fall apart as humans moved into the field under which he lived, building houses and eventually an entire town. The narrator's friends abandon the area, seeking a new home without humans, though the narrator remains in his underground lair.

One October thirty-first, the narrator sees two children dressed as a witch and a vampire; intrigued, he listens in on the humans and discovers Halloween, which he believes may be a more powerful day than October 23. The narrator becomes obsessed with Halloween, planning to resume his tradition on the thirty-first instead of the twenty-third.

When Halloween rolls around, the narrator sneaks out late at night and meets a young boy trick-or-treating late. They talk, with the boy assuming the narrator is an adult in a costume; he gives the narrator a Snickers bar, and the narrator murders him.

A year later, the narrator leaves his lair (now imposed on by a new house's basement) earlier and walks amongst the crowd of trick-or-treaters, feeling the same high he used to on My Day.[1]


The Dark Somnium's narration of I Am Halloween has received nearly 40,000 views as of September 2020, as well as two thousand likes and 250 comments. CreepsMcPasta's version has received over 268,000 views, as well as 6.7k likes and nearly 1,000 comments.


In The Dark Somnium's narration of I Am Halloween, the year in which the narrator first reveals himself on Halloween is changed from 2015 to 2018, putting the little boy's death in 2017.[2] Likewise, CreepsMcPasta changed the climax year from 2015 to 2017, putting the boy's death in 2018.[3]