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Craig Bennecker is a fictional character appearing in Nathaniel J. Nelson's 2017 horror novel Quantum Flight 888. He acts as a secondary antagonist, riling up the crew and passengers with paranoia.


Nothing is known about Craig prior to the events of Quantum Flight 888. He was presumably born in Manchester, England, due to his accent (not confirmed, but Joshua Teller believes it to be a Mancunian accent).

Craig bought a discounted Economy-class ticket for Quantum Airlines' Flight 888 from Boston to Los Angeles, to depart late on June sixth, 2016. When Annie Moreland died screaming in the Premium Economy cabin, Craig accosted Joshua, who had snuck a look at the death scene, about what had happened. Immediately paranoid, Craig suggested he go sit in Premium Economy, but Joshua decided to instead.

Craig did not appear over the next couple of hours, during which Olivia Lillee also died; but when Neil Munster lost his mind and was restrained by Eva Van Savage, Craig entered Premium Economy and put up a fuss. After the deaths of seven more passengers, Craig began riling up the passengers against the crew. He and Joshua walked up to the bow of the plan and demanded to be allowed into the cockpit, but Joan Krantz refused and they took her hostage. When Joshua, Eva, and Delilah Arain separately admitted their own supernatural faults for the deaths, Craig laughed at them; however, he destroyed Joshua's Terracotta hand in jest, apparently proving Joshua's theory incorrect.

After Eva's supernatural death, Craig apparently changed his mind on the supernatural elements of the flight and destroyed Eva's book to prevent further deaths. Realizing Delilah herself was the third allegedly-supernatural element in the scene, he threatened to kill her and was attacked by Joshua, who accidentally strangled him to death as Caleb Munster's powers sent them all into their fantasy worlds.

In Joshua's fantasy world (a labyrinth beneath a pyramid) he was stalked by a shadowy figure, always outside his field of vision. After he woke up, Joshua realized he had killed Craig, and that Craig was the shadowy figure from the labyrinth.