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The number 888, also known as the Malevolent Number, is a significant figure in 2017 horror novel Quantum Flight 888, and also appears several times in Nelson's earlier novel Erogrendel.

In Quantum Flight 888, it is stated that the number consists of three consecutive number eights, and does not represent the number eight hundred and eighty-eight.


In Quantum Flight 888, a young Eva Van Savage studies the Malevolent Number and explains that its use causes an explosion of paranormal energy, which in turn causes "bad stuff" as well as coincidences (a concept brought up in Erogrendel).

Jason Dufresne, a government agent tasked with watching Caleb Munster, explains the Malevolent Number to Agent Kowalczyk after finding out their flight number is 888. He claims the number is "cursed," and that it causes "some kind of bad luck or curse when you use it for something."[1] He implies that having Caleb on a flight using the Malevolent Number is a bad idea, which is apparently proven correct when Caleb accidentally kills several passengers. Two agents confirm this after the plane lands.[2]



  • A priest gives Det. Isaac Parry the true fact that Seamen's Bethel was renamed Sacred Heart Church in 1888.
  • David McCallaster, a victim of Erogrendel, lived at 888 Cushing St., New York City

Quantum Flight 888[]

  • The number of the eponymous flight of the novel is 888.
  • Delilah Arain tells Jon that eight hundred and eighty-eight people have subscribed to her YouTube channel.
  • Delilah sees three eights carved into a tree in her fantasy world.
  • In Jessi Gibson's fantasy world, a young boy carves three eights into his jack-o-lantern.


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